XR UI Mirror
Design Lead / XR Developer
Blender 3D, Figma, Unreal Engine, C++
Arrival was an automotive startup manufacturing commercial electric vehicles such as taxi cars, vans and buses.
Many designers in the company worked remotely worldwide and needed access to actual vehicles (which were in the UK) to test their interfaces in context. XR UI Mirror solved this issue.
XR UI Mirror was a digital twin app of vehicles that allowed you to upload your interfaces and interactions and validate them as if they were real. There was an immersive VR mode to give you more insights into your design decisions.
I was responsible for designing/developing the app and cross-functional communication between different teams to manage feature requests and 3D assets production.
XR Mirror App. Digital twin of a bus. UI to contol exterior and intereior of the vehicle.Main UI of the digital twin app for an electric bus.Base setting for the app including Crowd Generator, Environment control, Camera.UI Pannels for Settings and Info.Bus Seats MapXR File PickerXR NotificationIconsHMI Lane Simulator