In his spare time, Oleg likes learning about new tools and technology by making little apps and prototypes.

XR Slider

Slider interaction based on direct manipulation principles. Hand tracking. Oculus Interaction SDK.

Minimazing UI Panel

Experimented with the minimizing UI Panels in 3D space using hand-traking and placing them on user's body.

XR Finger Input

Experimented with Finger-based Input for the Virtual Reality Typing System.

VR Puppet

Here is an experiment with the Oculus Quest Hand Tracking system. Control your VR avatar with your hands.

VisionOS Dicer

A little app to explore Apple's VisioOS features with SwiftUI inside the Xcode simulator.

Paper VS Microbes

It's a VR game where you became a bunch of atoms to fight against evil microbes to save the world.

Apopalypse in VR

It's a story about a war against balloons. Balloons suck people's souls. Your mission is to stop them from doing this.

Five Seconds

VR Hamburger Consuming Simulator. Try to to eat hamburger on the ground before its 5 seconds passed.

Star Tanks

Arcade 2D shooter. Try to survive in the space war to beat all enemies and to bring peace to the universe.

AR Space Rainbow

AR filter powered by human segmentation helps to feel like you are at a cool space rainbow party.


Have you seen these amazing 3D hover effect on Apple TV? Have you known that you can easily make similar effect? Just like that!

Swipeable cards

Interactive experiment with Swipeable Cards on SwiftUI for a mood tracker app.