In his spare time, Oleg likes learning about new tools and technology by making apps and prototypes.

Finger Depth Menu

Leveraging depth demention to spatially arange elements for a navigation interaction pattern.

Spatial Arrow Pointers

People used to use a mouse arrow for decades. Is worth to try it in XR too?

XR Slider

Slider interaction based on direct manipulation principles. Hand tracking. Oculus Interaction SDK.

Circular Menu

Circular menu is spawned in front of a user once the index pinch is triggered.

Fingertip Based Menu

Prototyped a finger based menu interaction for XR Operating System with Unity and XR Interaction Toolkit.

Minimizing UI Panel

Experimented with minimizing UI Panels in 3D space using hand-tracking and placing them on the user's body.

Spatial Finger Toolbar for BoxelXR

In this iteration, the toolbal remains stationary in space once you start pinching.

Simple XR Notifications

Git Unity3D package for simple and easy to use notifications for XR applications.

XR Palm Menu

Hand menu interaction experiment. Appears when you look at your hand. Disappears when you look away.

Paper VS Corona

It's a VR game where you became a bunch of atoms to fight against evil microbes to save the world.

XR Color Picker

Controller-based color picker for a VR voxel graphics editor to make the creation experience fast and seamless.

Menu Interaction

Quick access menu on the left controller. Natural and easy to use.

Keypad with Eye Tracking

An app to explore Apple's Visio OS features with SwiftUI inside the Xcode simulator.

Spatial Bouncing DVDs experience

Everything you love about the Bouncing DVD Logo experience but in Mixed Reality.

XR Keyboard and Hand Input

Explored different types of keyboard interactions for hand based inputs in spatial computing.

Vision OS Dicer

An app to explore Apple's Visio OS features with SwiftUI inside the Xcode simulator.